Game Review: Europa Unniversalis 4

After about 4 years and over 2000 hours of game play I can say that the game Europa Unniversalis 4 is by far my most favorite game made by Paradox and one of my favorite all time games. The game was released back in 2013, but I did not start playing it until late 2015 about the time when the Cossack DLC expansion pack was released. While this game may be spectacular in game play some aspects and content that Europa Unniversalis 4 has to offer I do not find appealing I will discuss topics both bad and good about it.


 Europa Unniversalis 4, to start with, is not a FPS(first person shooter), or a RPG(Role Play game) type of game. Its genre falls under Grand Strategy, meaning it’s a map game in which you play as a selected country. Countries you can play are determined on which year you want to start your campaign, years range from 1444 – 1821  spanning from the Renaissance to the Age of Enlightenment. One key element that I like about this game, and this goes for any other Paradox made games like this, is that the player gets to make his own campaign and rewrite history to their desire, from reforming the Roman Empire to invading the mainland of Europe as the Aztec Empire and many more adventures that you can muster with imagination and conquest. My personal favorite region and types of countries to play would be the Steppe Hordes spanning from Eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean. Of all my hours playing countries such as Mongolia, Manchuria, Kazan, and many others seem to be the most fun because I am not a diplomatic player and as a Horde you need not worry about diplomacy, as you can simply conquer and restore the Mongol Empire, and sweep through all of Europe to restore the legacy of the great Genghis Khan.


While game play makes Europa Unniversalis 4 unique and exciting, this doesn’t mean that it is perfect. The game certainly has its flaws ranging from unnecessary paywall to game changing features that could alter one’s play style and force them to adapt to the new ways which may not always be better. One example of a paywall that I dislike are the DLCs. They are overpriced and some are not even worth their money, for example some of the newer ones including Golden Century and Dharma, both of these DLCs focus on a specific region then actual content for the whole game in general plus the fact that both are about $20 which is way overpriced for what they are worth. If one were to buy all the DLCs not including unit packs or music prices range from above $250 depending if they are on sale or not. However to make it worse in more recent updates such as 1.28 prevents a player to move their capital to the new world, this may not sound bad, but it not only makes it harder to gain achievements, one example being One Faith which in order to get it you need to convert all provinces in game to one religion. Another example would be  on the Dharma patch where countries cannot have trade companies in their own continent. This deeply affects me as a nomad player because those countries don’t earn lots of money relying on trade companies, but now forcing me to change how I build my economy. This not only affects me, it affects a large base of players who play outside of Europe.


Nevertheless there are reasons Paradox makes overpriced DLCs and in their defense there are always ways to get around some of the ridiculous updates. Overall Europa Unniversalis 4 has been and has cemented its legacy as one of my favorite games. The fact that the game is being updated constantly just means more content and more achievements to keep the game interesting for years to come.