A world without internet

I’ll keep it one hundred with you: I can’t accurately imagine the world without internet. At this point, the internet is deeply rooted into our daily lives that we would actually lose jobs, lose a substantial amount of money, and even going as far as having less “romantic” relationships had the internet suddenly been yanked out of our world, and those are just a few of the problems that we would have encountered. We, as a civilized society (for the most part), have heavily depended on the internet to provide us with many things such as information, food, materials, and faster, more efficient messaging systems. Even if I could tell you what a world without internet would be like, more likely than not, it would not be accurate and you, the readers, would be quick to point out each and every one of my loopholes and fallacies (aside from my poor grammar). As for my response, I will welcome each criticism with a warm hug as if they were my sons and daughters. Well then, let us delve into this world and see how different our lives would have been without this precious thing we have deemed internet.

What would the world be like without the internet? It’s simple: we would be talking to each other more often. No internet, no social media. No social media, no reasons to compare ourselves to others. In other words, we would be less afraid of expressing ourselves. So much so that we would be more interested in learning more things about the world around us— considering we don’t have a device to let us search up things that we’re curious to know about— and as a result, would focus less on what others think about us and focus more on expanding our horizons. Some might even go as far as traveling just to see what the world is like on the other side. Books would become more of value to the average citizen because of how much information is contained in them. Sending personalized letters to people far away would still be of use and would be more meaningful. Perhaps, we might have seen sending messages via pigeons making a comeback. If we wanted to go somewhere we weren’t familiar with, we would have to rely on maps and asking others for help to get us there. Businesses that were booming before the internet took over would still be running well today (RIP Blockbuster, you have my condolences). The only apple that we would know would be the one that fell on Isaac Newton’s head. We wouldn’t have to worry about the government spying on us and others looking through our browser history. Our current president wouldn’t be ridiculed as much since twitter would be taken away from him. You see where I’m going with this. Anything that relied on the internet wouldn’t have existed. 

As much as I would love to think that the internet not existing would be a good thing, the truth of the matter is: it’s not. Not having the internet now would be like taking a punch from Mike Tyson in his prime and trying to play it off as if it barely hurt. The reason I say that is because of all the other things we have done to the world that we need the internet if we want to solve these problems. The internet is what allows us to realize what is going on in the world by simply tapping on our phones a few times. It’s easier to be able to communicate with our friends and family members. Not to mention that some end up gaining life long relationships because of the internet. We’re easily alerted if natural disasters are headed our way or if there has been a kidnapping that has been identified. New businesses are created everyday and connections with other people that at first glance would seem impossible, are becoming easier to get through, all because of the internet.

I originally intended to write this about how good our lives would be without the internet but the opposite outweighed it. Whether we like it or not, the internet is here to stay and we have to accept it. However, having the internet is a huge gamble and will definitely play a larger role in the near future than it currently has. It could either be our greatest asset or our worst creation to date. We have to think carefully about the direction we’re heading because the GPS that’s been planted into our cars could very well lead us to a place we didn’t expect and had no idea it even existed— one where we wish we never known about and there’s no coming back from.