Florida Gators Band Director Put In A Choke-hold

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The student band director for the Florida Gators was attacked after the game against the Miami Hurricanes. The band was getting back on the bus after the Saturday night game. As they were boarding the bus, a female Hurricane fan tried to cut through the band, “battering several of the band members,” according to the police report from Orlando

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Watkins couldn’t give a description of the people involved, but the incident report cited witnesses say the man and woman were both UM fans.The band director, Jay Watkins, attempted to stop the fan, but was put in a choke-hold from behind and thrown to the ground, said spokesman Steve Orlando.

Orlando assured the newspaper he was “going to be okay.” The band director did end up with some scrapes and bumps on the head, but was able to make it onto the bus after he was treated by the paramedics. Information from the Orlando Sentinel stated that Watkins is not pressing charges but wanted a report field. There were no other band members involved in the unexpected incident, but Orlando stated “We certainly feel terrible about this happening … but his first concern was about the students’ safety.”

The band director from Florida State, Patrick Dunnigan, wrote a Facebook post about how Watkins is a long time friend and that there should be more security for this band in the future, according to Warchant.

“College football fans everywhere should demand that their universities provide ample security for the band. This is an insult to the spirit of college football,” said Patrick Dunnigan. 

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