IT Movie Review

Stephen King, the famous horror writer that for years has provided us with grueling and terrifying books that have been made into movies and more recently have been remade into newer versions. IT Chapter One was remade in 2017. The movie itself is focused on the childhood of 7 teenagers known as “ The Losers Club” who not only deal with a school bully known as Henry Bowers, as well as this unidentified creature that appears to them as a clown and uses their greatest fears to try and lure them in and kill them. 

Clowns are creepy enough as it is, I’m sure we can all agree on that. Bill Skarsgard, the actor who plays Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the 2017 version of this thriller does an amazing job of bringing this horrifying character to life. In the book King describes the eyes of Pennywise the Clown as crystal blue to seem innocent and sweet to be less alarming to young children. Instead of using contacts they used Skarzards real eyes in the movie because he had the exact eyes as King described in the book.

These 7 teenagers all have pretty much one thing in common, they’re all nerds, outcasts, losers. On top of being tortured by this creature who takes the form of a clown, they also have to deal with their school bully, Henry Bowers. Bowers is known to be psychotic, and tortures them through the school year and summer.  Several kids go missing throughout the school year and summer, no one has any idea of how these kids are going missing or who or what is taking them.

Eventually after a while the kids finally come clean to each other about seeing their fears and they soon figure out that all of their fears end up having one thing in common- The Clown. Most people know that “Pennywise the Clown” isn’t actually a clown,  what is he? We don’t know all we know is that children are the only ones who can see the creature, or any type of hallucination “IT”creates. 

No matter how many awful fates befall “It’s” characters, the filmmaking itself is never sadistic. The action is generally clean and comprehensively staged, with spine tingling scenes that leave chills running down the spines of the audience. Even though the events that have happened with these young teenagers, and people going missing and being further tormented by this creature, what will the future of these seven teens become and what will we see twenty seven years in the future when “IT” returns.