Amazon Forest on Fire

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Brazil’s vast Amazon Rain Forest has been on fire for nearly two weeks now. This unprecedented event is one of the 72,843 fires that has happened in Brazil this year alone, and nearly half of them have been in the worlds largest largest tropical rainforest.

Yet no one has covered it until the start of this month, when the fire grew so intense that the International Space Station, (ISS) could see it from their post up in the great unknown. Only then did major news stations like CNN and BBC feel the need to start informing the public of this great fire. Many only found out through Instagram and Twitter posts on their feed, but very few believed it. That is, until, the major news sources that ignored it for two weeks finally picked up on it because of the outcry let out by the population. So why is this fire such a massive problem for the world ?


Even in grade school we were taught of the importance of the Amazon, but it seems now as if people have stopped caring about. Now people would rather engage in petty squabbles about politics and things that happen on social media that may hurt peoples feelings. What really matters now though is this, going on, right now, this should be the biggest thing on the news right now. A world treasure, burning to the ground like some long abandoned building that has been long forgotten. Something that is not only gorgeous but is also a major part of life for animals and humans alike, something that many say around twenty percent of the worlds oxygen is at major risk right now.

So what can be done about this obvious problem? Unfortunately the answer to that is not very much, it’s starting to look like it’s much too late to repent for our past wrong-doings. The tearing down of portions of the forest for mining and farming purposes along with the record breaking world heat this year, which is most likely caused by man-made climate change but whatever, has become the perfect storm for fires in South America this year, mainly in Brazil’s Amazonian region. So we’re just screwed then right ? Not exactly but kind of in a way yes. People who are living today are definitely in trouble yes, or so it seems, because “Triple Canopy” forests like this don’t exactly grow back out of the ashes in a couple months or a couple decades or anything, the Amazon has been generations in the making. SO, the far far future MAY have the luxury of this great forest that we’ve so greedily taken from them, but that is also a large if. This whole fire situation is still ongoing so, we will just see how much we’ve destroyed and go from there I assume.