My Lengthy Sciencey Rant On Bees & Music

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Do Bees Like Music?

Do bees produce more honey when they hear music? In 1989, scientists Town and Kircher found that bees do feel vibrations when noises are transmitted. These two scientists tested this theory by transmitting electric shock to bees when they encountered a noise. The bees left the feeders to avoid being shocked when they “heard” the noise. Honey bees are typically the most sensitive to sound because they can produce 10Hz to 1000Hz of sound on their own. But are they able to hear? The likelihood of that is slim. 

Bees respond better to lullabies and classical music. Why? They just do, I couldn’t tell you why but I think it’d be pretty neat if they liked Death Cab For Cutie, but that’s just me. No one has tried to see if they like Death Cab, so I might. Did I mention that bees are crazy expensive to buy? This is probably why my mom won’t let me have them. It seems like the most logical explanation. 

Although bees can feel vibrations, they cannot hear sounds. I’m not entirely sure that this would work, but I want to buy a butt ton of bees and little bitty harnesses for the bees so that I can test this on my own. The brain of a bee is located in its abdomen, so maybe if I could figure out how to get a tiny little wire into the bees’ abdomen, I could monitor its brain patterns. Keep in mind, that I am by no means an anthropologist, I have not graduated high school. When I told my mom that I wanted to buy bees and test this out on them, she looked at me as if I had just grown another head. 

I want this to work. I’m not talking about a folk song about saving bees, I genuinely want to try this out. Could scientists somehow concoct a sort of hearing aid for the bees? People have hearing aids, so why can’t bees? I haven’t been able to find anything about bee hearing aids, but I have found that some very concerned older people are conscious of the fact that they can hear bees as a high pitched whine in their hearing aids, but nothing on whether little bee hearing aids exist.

Bees don’t hear sounds. That is very disappointing, but the Johnston’s organ in the bees’ antennas can pick up airborne sounds in the form of vibration. When forager bees are returning to the hive, they do a special “waggle dance” to let the other bees know where the food is. Bees obviously aren’t blind if they do dances for each other. Crickets, katydids, cicadas, and mosquitos can hear but it doesn’t seem that any other insects can hear. 

Wasps, bees, flies? Nope. They can’t hear. WHY? How do we fix this? How do I fix this? Could scientists genetically modify the bees in a lab so that they could hear? I don’t know if they could but I want to get this going. Everyone should be able to hear and everything should be able to hear. Image result for bees