The American Dream

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What is the American Dream? That’s what I ask myself every day when I’m at school. For some people the American dream might change, but for me that dream may  never change. The dream of a better future, the dream of a safe environment with better opportunities. A dream of a safe place where me and my family can live in peace. The United States was accomplishing my dream, until this past Saturday, August 3 of 2019. 

Around 10:39 a.m.  the police of El Paso, Texas received a call from  Wal-Mart where a shooter opened fire, killing at least 22 people and injuring 27. The shooter was later identified as a 21 year old Patrick Crusius, who resides in  Allen, Texas which is 10 hours away from El Paso. Patrick is believed by investigators to be a racist, anti-immigrant document and that his target were Mexicans (Hispanic people). But  tell me what harm Javier Amir Rodriguez who was only 15 and the youngest victim could do to this country? He was only 15 years old, with a future ahead of him, but the hate of this country took away his life, and not only his but 21 more innocent lives. 

Several Mexican nationalists were killed in the mass shooting of that morning, Mexicans who came to this country leaving family behind just for a better life, and opportunities, just to accomplish their dream. But who would have thought that by doing  a regular day thing would cost their lives. 

The place that I chose to call home, the country that not only me but a lot of people call the American Dream has now been destroyed . We chose this country because we thought that we could be safe , that we could raise our children here so they could have a better future, the future that we couldn’t find in our country where no one could harm us.  We came to this country, running away from the corruption and violence of our own country, no knowing that it would be the same and that wasn’t the end but the start.