Can Vapes and E-cigarettes Affect your Body?

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It is 2019 and e-cigarettes are becoming very popular. So popular that by 2016 there were over 35 million people who vape or bought a vape. Most people enjoy the high and calmness that your brain feels when inhaling the harsh chemicals. The feeling of nothing is what people enjoy and crave for them to be ‘completely happy’. However, some people have definitely felt the negative effects of vaping. There have been many different stories about vapes blowing up, making peoples’ lungs collapse, and other side effects that have badly affected user’s health.

Recently an 18 year old boy named, Chance Ammirita, rushed to the hospital when he claimed he was having a heart attack. When the doctors took a closer look they realized that his lung had collapsed because a hole had developed. His inflamed lungs were caused by juuling for almost two years according to his hospital doctors. Chance claimed that he was “very freaked out and in pain”. He posted all over his social media that teens and adults need to stop smoking cigarettes and vaping because the impact on his body has scarred him for life. According to CNN, other internal injuries that e-cigarettes can cause is the changing of blood vessels after just one use. Vaping does not normally affect your cardiovascular function very fast. It has to develop over the years according to Felix Wehril, a professor at the Pennsylvania School of Medicine. 

Other than internal injuries several people have complained about how their vapes actually exploded in their pocket or while using them. This explosion caused third-degree burns on arms, forearms, and (if in their pocket) their upper thigh. These explosions come from handheld vapes so most people believe smaller e-cigarettes such as Juul, Njoy, Boulder, and Sourin are much better for you. This is not the case. Any type of e-cigarette can cause major damage to you and your body.

In my opinion vapes and small e-cigarettes are not a healthy habit. People use these devices to ‘quit smoking’ when these devices are just as harmful as a regular tobacco filled cigarette. If you are smoking cigarettes I feel like vaping is not a good alternative because any nicotine filled device will affect your body in a negative way.