Helen Phalon

On April 20th, Helen McDonald Phalon, a 21- year-old trying to pursue her dream of being an actress, was killed at Union Square station in Manhattan.


Helen Phalon died on the train tracks around 3 a.m. according to Fox News a camera showed that she was hit and her clothes/body parts was caught by the southbound 6th subway train. The Metro Transit Authority workers cut the power to the tracks and emergency responders tried to save Phalon, but she was already dead.


Phalon was working at ThinkGeek in Manhattan at the time of her death and her mother says, “she was an amazing, beautiful light, and I’m devastated”. Her family mourns as the investigation is still ongoing and her friends made a “GoFundMe” page and posted pictures of her to promote their cause donating to the animal shelter because Helen loved cats.


Sadly this isnt the first or second subway incident in NY according to Fox News. “In February, a 39-year-old man was killed after he was dragged by a subway train into a tunnel at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.” Officials say his bag got caught on the moving train and it dragged him under, but soon officials say they don’t think that was the cause of his death. Later they found that he was dragged into a staircase and then into a tunnel, where he struck an electrical power control box.


In another incident at the NY subway on January 28, at the 7th Avenue and 53rd Street station around 8 pm Malaysia Goodson, a 22-year- old woman was pushing her 1- year-old in a stroller and was killed when she fell down a flight of stairs in the NY subway station.  Rhylee (the child) was not harmed. According to Epoch Times, “The New York City Police Department said that it isn’t clear how she fell down. They said it’s unclear if she had some sort of medical episode or slipped, and her family said they’re not sure either.”


Due to these accidents, will police find new ways to secure the subways? Let’s hope so. People should also be more aware when coming around fast moving trains. BE SAFE KIDS!