How Tiger Woods Blew America Away

How Tiger Woods Blew America Away

By: Noah Akey


Bernhard Langer, 61, was the group leader. In the locker room with him was Bubba Watson, Zach Johnson, Adam Scott. The former winners showered after their rounds, shared a drink and watched Woods play the 72nd hole on TV.

“We heard a big cheer,” Langer said, signaling the end of one of the greatest American sports stories ever told. “And we all said, ‘Let’s put our jackets on and go down there and congratulate him.’ And that’s what we did.”

Nobody in the crowd that witnessed this unreal event on Sunday will ever forget the way the roars rose throughout Augusta National Golf Course. Nobody will ever forget the scene of Woods’ son, Charlie, falling into his father’s arms like Tiger fell into his father’s arms after his victory as a 21-year-old in 1997.

Woods said his children thought of him as a “YouTube golfer,” as a powerful force on internet highlights and video games but as something very different in person. Tiger Woods got to prove himself to his children. This was his most important Masters of all. This makes him the G.O.A.T of golf.

Before Woods made his way in his green jacket, his longtime aide, Rob McNamara, stood outside the clubhouse and congratulated his friend “Mentally,” McNamara said, “winning the Tour Championship was everything.”

As Woods left the photo shoot on the green and headed for a gray van, fans chased after him “He’s high-fiving people, he’s talking to people, he’s signing autographs,” LaCava said. “He’s much more fan-friendly, which I think is awesome. He’s great with the kids, talking to guys in groups more … and everybody out there is pulling for him. How many guys did you see sitting there waiting for him on 18?”

The crowds kept coming to take a glimpse at the this renewed man and champion. This time around it was a lot easier to celebrate with Woods. Tiger put a lot of people through hell, especially his former wife, and could have seriously harmed himself, or someone else, on the night of his DUI arrest in 2017. Woods told everyone he was done as a golfer two years ago, and then survived what he called “some really dark, dark times.”

Without all the drama surrounding him, he was a much easier Masters winner to celebrate this time around. By winning his 15th major title, he broke his dad’s prediction by one.

Eldrick Tiger Woods is not a YouTube highlight, or a video game superhero. He is a very real golfer, the kind we will never see again.