737 Max

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The 737 Max has had quite the problem over the past two to three months. Following ET302, the Ethiopian aircraft that crashed shortly after takeoff, killing everyone on board, the 737 Max saw regulators and airlines go through continuous groundings with no hint of when the grounding could be lifted. Now, almost a month and a half later, many airlines have moved their airplanes to long-term storage in order to protect the aircraft from damage. Right now, all the public knows is that Boeing has been working on a solution specific to the 737 Max problem, along with the known fact that ET302 happened during the investigation, which is what caused the FAA and Boeing to issue groundings to all of its 737 Max type aircraft. Some airlines are very skeptical of the 737 Max and its ability to carry passengers with safety in mind, they would rather the aircraft come back once it has been 100% safe for public use. This is evident by the fact that most airlines are beginning to prepare for life without the 737 Max. The aircraft was highly anticipated due to its new technology within its aircraft systems and its new state of the art engines. Most airlines are beginning to look at the older 737 NG (Next Generation) aircraft because it is so similar to the 737 Max. Some airlines have gone to cancelling their orders until June and July backed up by the lastest FAA statement. “Upon receipt, the FAA will subject Boeing’s completed submission to a rigorous safety review. The FAA will not approve the software for installation until the agency is satisfied with the submission.” April 1st, 2019 4pm est. This is causing airlines to look towards the future and prepare for the worst, which is the FAA not approve the new software and essentially cancel the 737 Max from every flying again. During the two incidents, both airlines had MCAS (Mid Air Collision Avoidance System) activated which pushed the nose down due to a faulty sensor, which was reported to technicians. Many have lost faith in the Boeing product and more importantly, the 737 Max. Many people have been commenting on Boeing’s Twitter saying things like, “Just let us know who flies #Boeing737Max so we can go elsewhere. We are not Boeing’s test subjects” -Bruce Warren. Others, on the other hand, said things that dealt with the FAA and praising them for acting so quickly to such a serious problem. This whole situation has been blown up and into the media the past three weeks and many people don’t know how to react. I, on the other hand, know that Boeing is working their hardest to try and solve the problem that has killed over 300 people. Boeing has had many failures before and it has not stopped them from being one of the world’s largest aircraft providers.

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