3 Year Field Trip

Astrid Vinje and Clint Bush, took a vacation to Costa Rica that was ruined on the last day of their honeymoon. On their last day they had a backpack stolen-the one that contained Bush´s phone, camera, and travel journal. Ten years later, they decided to return back to Costa Rica with two of their three children, determined to make this one a happy one.

In a decade not only has their family grown, but so has Quepo, Costa Rica. Quepos is now a popular tourist attraction for many Americans. Manuel National Park, one of the first places the then-newlyweds visited, is so popular that only 600 people can enter a day (700 on Saturdays). For many families, traveling to a foreign country is a luxury; however, this Seattle based couple wanted to take their kids and travel around the world. They began to see that, ¨long commutes swallowed up their time together and the kids spent more time in a daycare than at the dinner table.” The couple spoke to other families who traveled full-time and realized that their dream could become a reality.


The couple wanted to spend three years living full-time on the road with the two younger children. The family’s journey began as they, ¨traversed the United States, then headed to Mexico and crept southwards to Costa Rica.” Logistics seemed to be the major issue for such a long travel. Bush makes websites for companies and brands while Vinje manages the family blog. ¨There was a dad’s night out (at a conference they had attended) where we went to a brewery, I ended up talking to a couple of guys who spent a lot of time in Mexico,” Bush stated, from his new friends he got the advice he needed for stretching finances. Longer stays in less expensive countries- Mexico- traveling during the off-season, opting for apartments over hotels. It also helped that the family already had travel experience under their belts. Vinje did a period of time in Togo in the Peace Corps. ¨Her family’s roots are in Indonesia and Bushś in the philippines.¨


Their philosophy was to embrace  ¨slow travel” where they could spend a lot of time in one place so that they could maintain a schedule for work and school. ¨I work in the middle of the week and she does homeschooling with the kids, and then I give her Mondays and Fridays so she’s able to work and I do the kids schooling,” Bush stated. The weekends give the family time to explore. In Mexico the time was split up with one month in the towns of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Puerto Escondido, and La Paz. Each family member got to pick a country that they really wanted to visit. Mira was eager to visit China, Bush chose Mexico and Vinje selected Norway. Little Julian picks were, ¨New York City, Africa, and the beach.” As they spent more time Julian specified that he chose Africa as his choice.


For the Bush-Vinjes, travel isn´t just showing their kids new places. It is a time for them to connect as a family. The family had wonderful memories to end the day with, and Vinje and Bush got the do-over they wanted. Mission accomplished.