Forrest Fenn’s Hidden Treasure

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   Forrest Fenn is an 87-year-old retired art dealer, Vietnam fighter pilot, and author who has strung people along for six years in the hunt to find his buried treasure. Fenn got the idea to bury a multi-million dollar treasure when he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of kidney cancer. He was only given a short amount of time to live.


   So, his dying wish was to get people outdoors. He wanted them to explore the places that he had loved so much as a child. This treasure includes numerous amounts of different jewels such as emeralds, diamonds, rubys, and 20.2 pounds of gold. He also wrote a poem that contains nine hints as to where the treasure was hidden.


   Forrest Fenn beat all odds and has survived through his cancer longer than all of his doctors thought possible. With this opportunity he has released a few more hints that narrows down the location of the box.

   Fenn originally gave searchers the hint that the treasure was in the Rocky Mountains but that gave such a big area to search that he had to refine his hint. Later on, he told people that the treasure was 5,000 feet above sea level but below the 10,200 feet mark. He also narrowed down the states that it could have possibly been in to Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, or Wyoming. Fenn’s last hint was that it was at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe, where he lives.


   Many people have claimed to have found Forrest Fenn’s treasure but he hasn’t confirmed any of them. One man recently said that he found it after the snow on the Rocky Mountains carried the bronze box down to the nearest road. He claims that the treasure consisted of old, autographed records and an unpublished book of Forrest’s. That can’t be true because that’s not even what Fenn said he put in the box. Maybe he will soon tell people the direct area or maybe not. Maybe he will leave this mystery to be found in another time.

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