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Early in August my boyfriend received a call from his Aunt. We drove out near Lincoln and went inside to find three tiny orphaned kittens that could fit in my palm, barely able to walk and squeaking. I thought the grey one was cute, but the tabby with the tiny white paws was crawling all over my legs. He was so small. We wrapped him up in a blanket, with his little bobble head and floppy ears sticking out, and I sat in the passenger seat with him in my lap on the drive home.


For several weeks we had to mix and heat kitten milk replacer in a little bottle for him and help him pee and such using a wet rag. He was pretty constipated- to the point that he would’ve died had he not been in our care- so we had to mix Gerber pumpkin baby food into his bottle as a laxative. And now he loves pumpkins.


Because he was so small he was always so cold, so he cuddled with us for warmth. If one of us fell asleep, he learned that biting was the way to wake us, so he’s really taken to biting. It’s worth the pain- he’s such a perfect little baby angel and I would die for him.


One night my boyfriend’s mom had to watch him; when we left him that night he stumbled around like a drunk, but by the next day he was running around and smacking into walls- we could hear his little pitter patter on the carpet.


He likes to run up to us and jump up with his little paws waving over his head. That’s about it. He’s just so cute and sweet and crazy and I love him.