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Why people crave crazy news

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Why People Crave Crazy News

By: Couper Allen


As a journalist, one of the first things I look for is something somewhat crazy to write about. My reason for this is because if I write about something crazy or interesting, the people who read my story will most likely want to read it even more than usual. So my question is, why do people crave crazy news?

The first reason for this craving of crazy news would be that it gives people a chance to see other people completely and ultimately fail. Let’s face facts. It’s HILARIOUS, and it will most likely always will be. It just never gets old. By watching people fail I mean stuff like this. “Vietnam Barber Giving out Free Trump, Kim Hair-dos”, or “Teen Wakes From Coma to Find She Gave Birth to Surprise Baby”.

The second reason for why people crave crazy news is because people want to have a voice in every situation possible. By reading crazy stories on the news, people get to have their very own opinion on certain things. Opinions are just something that we as Americans happen to value quite a bit. Even news teams are opinion based on certain things. People crave crazy news because we just simply want to talk about crazy news. Simple as that.

The final reason people crave crazy news, is because, in a lot of ways, we like to put ourselves on a pedestal. I don’t mean this bad at all. I am guilty of this just like everyone else but fact is fact. We as people love to compare ourselves to others just to get a since of who’s better than who. This happens in every aspect of our lives as Americans. Schools compete in sports, band competition, quiz bowl, and countless other things that ultimately are just to see who is the best at what. Crazy news is the same way. Whoever can publish the craziest news story will get the most publicity ,which leads to more money, and then ultimately proves, “we are the best news team”. I can be the first to admit once again that I like to see something somebody did that was absolutely crazy because I’m a lot of ways it lets me see how I’M not that crazy.

Crazy news has become a part of our lives as Americans. We need to fix this. As a challenge, let’s try to not focus on things that really have no importance in the world, and rather, focus on things that actually affect people. Let’s crave for change.

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Why people crave crazy news