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Harper vs Machado

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Machado vs Harper

By: Couper Allen


Over the years sports have continued to pay more and more for certain players. Lebron James, Tom Brady, Jose Altuve and so on. It has become outrageous how much people get payed, just to play a game, but they do. In recent studies, baseball player Mike Trout has been found to make $34 million a year. THAT IS INSANE. Recently, two players for the 2019 season have signed even more insane contracts. Manny Machado, and Bryce Harper. Both players are definite hot heads and have caused a number of problems for their past ball clubs, however, both players are very talented in the game. Were these contracts smart choices? This is a question that demands answers.



According to ESPN Manny Machado has reportedly signed a record free-agent contract with the San Diego Padres. Machado is a four-time All-Star and two-time Gold Glove winner, that reportedly signed a 10-year, $300 million deal with the Padres Tuesday, which includes an opt-out option after the fifth year. It is the biggest free-agent contract in the history of U.S. sports. Is this a smart decision though? Personally, I think yes. The padres have not had the best luck in the last few years of play and could really use a stud like Machado to help turn things around. If Machado can stay out of trouble, this purchase will pay off A LOT.



Harper is about the same as Machado. He is young and talented but has quite a hot head. Despite his un-human arm strength, and his crazy power at the plate he is definitely known for his hot head moments. Last year Harper found himself in a slump like he’d never been in before and for the first time ever, National fans wanted him gone. He room this message pretty clearly and turned down a 10 year $300 million dollar contract. He said “I didn’t know if I fit into their plans. About $100 million of that contract was deferred ’til I was 65 years old. It’s like, ‘What does that do for me? What does that do for my family?’” It seems despot his hot head, Harper has made his decision with quite a bit of thought, and I do believe he has made the right choice to not play with the nationals any longer. Harper went on to turn down a deal with the angels, which has a power house outfield where he would fit in good, and chose to sign a 13 year $313 million dollar contract with the Phillies which is the nationals rival. This is a team that’s in desperate need of good baseball and a leader to take over. My opinion, Harper is not that leader they need. Despite his ability, I believe the Phillies have been blinded by what they see on the outside of Harper, being his athletic ability, and not what’s on the inside, which is a ticking time bomb ready to go off.

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Harper vs Machado