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Dead Gardener

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After a 64-year-old german doctor was killed in an intentional explosion, authorities began to raise suspicions about a 59-year-old gardener named Bernhard Graumann who also died later the same day. Graumann was found dead in his home on the evening of March 1st in a town located in western Germany; police await the man’s autopsy report. According to CNN, the unnamed doctor was killed when he activated the booby trap after picking up a strange device planted outside of his practice.

After such incidents occurred, police also began to question whether Graumann had been the cause of another in-home explosion just 6 miles from the doctor’s practice because both circumstances included individuals that had been involved in business with Graumann. This trap consisted of planted explosives inside of a wood-burning stove, injuring a 4-year old girl and her mother. Although this incident wasn’t quite as severe, both females were hospitalized. Another log-rigged explosive was said to be found outside another woman’s house, about an hour from the suspects home, who also had some turmoil with Graumann. Luckily, according to Washington Post, a bomb-disposal team was able to rid of the log before any damage was done.

Because each of these occurrences involved bad business relationships with Graumann, police are alerting others who have had private or business relationships with him to contact authorities.

According to Fox News, police had admittedly reported that they “cannot rule out the possibility that the deceased made preparations to endanger the lives of other people before he died…” Although the autopsy results haven’t been returned to authorities yet, police have begun to question whether Graumann poisoned himself; gunpowder and weapons were found inside of his home on the day of his death. But according to a german media report, Graumann had allegedly been involved in a medieval association that worked to recreate antique firearms…meaning he likely had an explosives license and that his purchases regarding such items would have been legal.

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Dead Gardener