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Fox has a conspiracy theory problem

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Fox has a conspiracy theory problem

By: Noah Akey 1st period


The dangerous conspiracy theories are not just a Chris Farrell or a Lou Dobbs problem. This is a Fox and President Donald Trump problem. It is a partnership, long in the making, between a known liar and a major news network that has come from the voice of the conservative movement to a outlet for racist conspiracy rants.

This could not on only damage to the legitimacy of media in the US, but could also cause more anger, division and even violence in the long term.

Fox News and Fox Business have long been the users of conspiracy theories, often for the purpose of damaging the reputations of members of the Democratic party. It was not that long ago that Fox gave “light” to the rumor that we have an illegitimate President, a theory also driven at the time by none other than Donald Trump.

It was Fox News that recently discovered that the mail bombs sent last week were most likely a “false flag” to frame Republicans and help Democrats in the midterm elections. This notion was echoed by Donald Trump when he used “Bomb” in quotation marks in his tweet on Friday centering the focus of news coverage away from politics and toward the pipe bombs sent to his critics.

Then there was the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, where a gunman opened fire in the synagogue, killing 11. Just hours later, while the country processed this tragedy, Fox re-aired a part of Lou Dobbs’ show, in which Chris Farrell, an official from conservative group Judicial Watch, claimed that the caravan reportedly moving from Honduras through Mexico was funded by the “Soros occupied State Department.”

Not to any surprise, Dobbs and his show on Fox Business came under fire.

Their ratings are high. They have the attention of the President of the United States who is their best listener and vessel. And a majority of the viewers are story following listeners that don’t research the facts.

This is not a case of both the viewers and the news anchors that need to change. It is one side,  the side of the White House and a news network. Lou Dobbs should be pulled from the air. Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham should be next. A voice of new conservative thoughts would be a nice change. But a voice of dangerous and damaging conspiracy theories should not.

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Fox has a conspiracy theory problem