Flat Earth Dating

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Recently a documentary has been uploaded to Netflix called “Behind the Curve,” and it explores the idea that the world may be a flat platform enclosed in a giant dome. Watching it was honestly a bit depressing. The focus of the film was primarily on Flat Earth activist Mark Sargent, who makes point after contradicting point. To prove the theory that the Earth is flat, conspirists conducted an experiment in which they shone a laser light straight for something like 20 feet. And only that. They clearly- and I couldn’t tell whether it was an intentional mistake to produce their desired result, or if it was simply a product of their incompetence- did not consider the size of the Earth, or the concept of level terrain. But they concluded that the Earth must be flat when the laser seemed to shoot strait. Truly inspiring.


As it turns out, there is an entire society that believes this theory, many of which attend a Flat Earth International Convention to feel a sense of community. Because of their (very vocal) beliefs, the rest of society- the one that has concrete proof of the spherical shape of our planet- casts them out.


Highly ridiculed and often avoided in general society, Flat Earthers must find comfort and validation in each other. That’s why we have apps like New Flat Earth Connection, and Flat Earth Match. Not only can they find acceptance, Flat Earthers can find love.


One member joined a Flat Earth dating app because, as he says, “I had a guy I was talking to for almost a month walk out of my house laughing at me when I told him the Earth was flat.” Poor kid.


The founder of the same app posted, when she found a man who believes the same as her:

“35 years into my life’s story I will begin to live for the first time. New job, new state, new home, amazing flat-earth man.”


All jokes aside, I do believe them. Not that the Earth is flat, but that we shouldn’t simply believe whatever we’re told. I think that we should always question things, research things, and strive to experience as much of what we can for ourselves.

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