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The Story of Ethan Guenther

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On March 4, 2019 a video surfaced in Spain Park High School in Birmingham, of students saying how bad they wanted black people to go to concentration camps. The video had 4 main people in it which were: Ethan Guenther, Coleman Gunnels, Mackenzie Stewart, and Jack Makewski. Now I know one of those names might sound familiar to most people but I assure you it’s not the Ethan Guenther from our school. In fact hundreds of people from Alabama have sent mean and threatening messages to the Ethan from our school thinking it was the racist scum they were looking for. Ethan would get messages asking where he lives so people could come kill him, calling him dirty names, and saying some pretty messed up stuff.  It got so bad Ethan had to change his instagram bio so people would stop abusing him. He changed it to “not the racist guy from Alabama that’s a different Ethan Guenther I’m from arkansas thanks”. Ethan got tired of having people send him mean messages so he made his profile private in hopes to reject any harmful messages. Ethan has blown up on twitter with people tweeting at him calling him mean names when he didn’t do a thing.

Now for the people and the actual Ethan in the video…. People in Alabama are going as far as finding out which colleges these students had enrolled in for college and sending them the video of the racist teens. They are writing letters on why students like them shouldn’t be allowed in their school which will likely influence the schools decision to reject them. I think it is the right idea because they said some messed up stuff and videoed it and for everyone to see.  like how dumb can you be? They could’ve ruined our Ethan Guenther’s life just by having the same name as him. The racist Ethan really messed with my friend Ethan Guenther and got threatening messages sent to him. Will Ethan be punished for a guys actions with the same name? 

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The Story of Ethan Guenther