Is Neymar a bust for Nike?

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Neymar is well known soccer player around the world, and a well respected soccer player too, but Neymar is also one of the most hated soccer players in the world. He’s known for flopping a lot and being a “crybaby” during the game. Neymar signed with Nike to be his official sponsor, and Nike has been coming out with Neymar colourways or signature cleats for many years, dating all the way back to 2012. However, with this love and hate mixed fan base, Neymar’s cleats just don’t sell. Players such as Ronaldo has been a huge win for Nike. Anytime Nike comes out with a CR7 colourway it almost automatically sells out. But it’s been a different story with Neymar.

Now Neymar doesn’t play in the premier league as Ronaldo does, well at least not anymore after the transfer making him go to the French team PSG. But Neymar is still very popular, he also gets a lot of publicity every four years whenever the World Cup comes around and he’s playing for the well loved Brazilian national team. Nike signing Neymar has also not been just a bust in cleat sales, but also Nike is spending a ton of money to get Neymar and PSG, the team he played for, more noticed. Nike is the official brand for PSG, so Nike makes the kits, or jerseys, for the team, along with other things. Just last year Nike came out with the first ever Jordan kits, which have the famous Jordan logo on it. And Nike got what they wanted, the team go a lot of praise, love, and publicity from the kits. But also Nike made sure Neymar was in every single one of the photos that they released that showed off the kits, and Neymar was also in his signature cleat. Why I think this is a marketing strategy for Nike to sell more Neymar cleats is due to the fact that Nike is the sponsor of much bigger clubs, so if they wanted to get more publicity over their new kits and more sales of the new kits, they would’ve just made Jordan kits for the bigger teams they sponsor. But they didn’t because those bigger teams don’t have Neymar. But it still seems with all of this money Nike is dishing out for Neymar, it’s still just isn’t going well for Nike. Nike just released a new signature cleat of Neymar and you will more than likely see it in few months either 25% off or in an outlet store.

However, unlike what Adidas did with Messi and just completely stopped producing his own line of signature shoes, I think Nike is going to stick with Neymar. Neymar has the skills and talent to be the best player in the world, and I think Nike is just simply waiting for Neymar to show off his skills and prove he’s the best in the world. Because when he does that, Nike will think that his signature cleats will fly off shelves.

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