$48 Million Project

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A $48 million project was made for building brand new communities with homes, baseball fields, fishing ponds and more. They want to move a few dozen families whose homes are disappearing into the Gulf of Mexico.

A tract of land has been bought and they want to begin moving families in the next year or two, but Chris Brunet doesn’t want to go. Brunet says that the multi-million dollar project to create a new community is not an opportunity but a “hard decision that has to be taken.” The isle is the only home he has known. Generations of his family have lived there and the island is flat and open. Time here is marked by storms. Hurricanes Isidore and Lili caused the homes to be placed on high stilts. By the time Hurricane Gustav came most houses were lifted. The isle has been smothered by water since 1950 and it is not stopping.


Brunet plans to move 40 miles north with perhaps 20 other families. “It’s a nice piece of property, it’s not this. You can’t go there and remake this. “There’s no, possible way,” he states. The property is similar except for the noise of the traffic from Highway  24. Because it is the first government project to do this, it is more expensive but it offers more opportunities for others.


Officials know that islanders will move reluctantly or won’t move it at all. “I can’t blame them. They grew up there. They see that they can still live there right now and they want to live the rest of their lives there,” Forbes states.  Chantel Comardelle hopes that their life could be recreated on the mainland. Her grandmother, 94, has no intention of moving. “We don’t know how to move people with deep roots,” she states.


One day it won’t be just villages being relocated, it will be cities. While nobody can know exactly what will happen in the future, there is no doubt that climate change will make a huge impact.