Kelly Bryant going to Mizzou

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   Kelly Bryant was a huge 4 star recruit, after coming from Wren High School, in South Carolina. Kelly was star Dual-threat Quarterback, and everyone wanted to get ahold of him and have him playing for their team. Teams including Ohio State, Florida, Georgia all offered him full rides to play Quarterback for them. However, Kelly felt his team and calling was to play for the Clemson Tigers.

Kelly signed with the Tigers in 2014, but with the Tigers having their golden child, Deshaun Watson, Kelly wouldn’t be able to get his chance to shine until the 2017 season. He successfully did so by leading the tigers to go 11-1 in the regular season, and then leading them to win the ACC championship, which punched their ticket into the College Football playoffs. However with them having to face Alabama in the first round, the Tigers and Kelly would be sent home early. But still overall Kelly’s first year as a starter for Clemson was a success and showed how much talent he really had. After coming off such a good year it was not questioned when the Tigers names Kelly the starting Quarterback for the upcoming 2018-19 season.

   However only after two games into the Tigers regular season, Coach Dabo Swinney, Clemson’s Head Coach, decided to bench Kelly and start the hot new Freshman Quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. This infuriated Kelly. He felt that he earned the starting position after what he did the previous year for the team. Nevertheless, Kelly only stayed for two games until taking advantage of the new NCAA transfer rule which allows for players to be able to transfer teams within the first four games of the regular season. With him playing his fourth game and still on the bench, Kelly decided it was time for a change and declared that he wouldn’t be playing for the Tigers anymore and would be transferring to another school.

    This made many college fans excited and some disappointed. Kelly hadn’t decided yet on where he wanted to attend, until and couple of weeks ago we figured out that only 3 teams that will be in the race to get Kelly, Arkansas, Auburn, and Mizzou. With Kelly leaving Clemson due to not being the started we figured that wherever he goes he won’t have to fight for the position, and it will just be handed to him. With this we can knock out Auburn. Which only leads two teams left Arkansas and Auburn. On December 4th, Kelly told us that he will become a Tiger once again, but this time he’ll be a Mizzou Tiger. Why I believe he picked Mizzou is for one reason only, Mizzou is just plain and simply a better team the Arkansas. It’s Kelly’s senior season. Why would he pick and team who went 2-10 this year over a team who went 8-4 and is ranked #24 in the nation. Kelly wants NFL scouts to notice him, and he won’t be noticed on a 2-10 team. Plain and simple.

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