College Football Playoffs

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The College Football Playoffs are upon us once more, and with it comes the controversy of who deserves the top four spots and the opportunity to play. Once again, UCF gets the finger from the NCAA and doesn’t clinch a spot in the playoffs, despite going undefeated for the second year in a row. However, I don’t necessarily disagree with this. There’s no doubt that UCF is a pretty good team. It takes dedication and focus to go undefeated two years straight. On the contrary, UCF is in the Atlantic Coast Conference, which tells me that they don’t have a tough season. For goodness sakes, they almost lost to Memphis of all teams (I don’t have much room to talk, considering I’m an Arkansas fan and it doesn’t take much to beat them).

The teams that did, however, clinch a spot in the playoffs, are in for a hard schedule. By those teams that made it of course I mean everyone except Alabama. Can we consider for a second how utterly good Alabama football is? They have no worries when it comes to whatever schedule they have. Not only do they have the tools and coaching staff to beat any team, but they also have a winning mindset. For round one of the playoffs, Alabama goes up against Oklahoma, and that won’t be much of a game. OU’s lack of defense and Alabama’s explosive offense will make for a quick slaughter fest. On top of that, Alabama has arguably the best defense in college football.

On the other side of the bracket, Clemson goes up against Notre Dame. Clemson didn’t seem to even be fazed by the loss of Kelly Bryant. Over the past few years, they’ve really been able to prove themselves as a solid football team. As far as Notre Dame goes, I don’t know much about them other than the fact that they’re a Catholic school. My prediction is that Clemson will beat Notre Dame and face Alabama in the championship, which Clemson will probably lose.

Back to what I said earlier about UCF being upset about not making the playoffs. Yes, UCF has proven that they are dominant against the teams they play. Yes, it’s very difficult to make the top four when the competition in college football is through the roof. So for me this begs the question “Should there be more than two rounds in the College Football Playoffs?” Since it’s institution, I’ve always believed that two rounds was sort of useless and short. To me, it would offer a great level of competition and excitement if the playoffs consisted of eight or sixteen teams in a total of three or four rounds. We, as college football fans, want excitement, longer seasons, and the ability for Alabama to lose once in awhile. Nobody would watch the NFL if there were four teams in the playoffs (one of them being the Patriots each time, most likely making the Super Bowl). Please NCAA, change the College Football Playoffs!

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