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The border

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On November 25, 2018, hundreds of migrants cross from Tijuana, Mexico, into San Diego trying to get into the U.S the and majority of the people came from a shelter in Tijuana. They tried to evade police blockade and make their way to a crossing that led directly into San Diego, while some attempted to climb the wall itself. The police responded by firing tear gas trying to push back the people and block the path. Many women, and men fell back in the face of the gas, resulting in many injuries, according to “News”, a women witnessed blood running down her nose and mouth and another fears the gas was harmful to her children as they still had a headache days later. But they all went in knowing the consequences, and knowing the dangers of trying to forcingly get paced. Some migrants even attacked police officials, according to “ News” 98 migrants were reported to have been sent off the authorities that day.

The new leader in Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is to take office this Saturday he will face challenges quickly as he tries to control the migrants, deal with multiple arrests that day, but also worry about the strain to feed thousands. A few days later, a hundred Federal authorities in Mexico make their way Benito Juarez shelter some armed with weapons due to the recent event taken place on November 25. Schools were shut down and students were sent home as hundreds line up from  outside the shelter for food that Monday. But what took place that day may affect them ever entering the U.S at all and Trump may protest to close down the borders for good which could affect them largely.

The people hope for the best as they try and push the rights to enter the U.S to provide for their families. Officials struggle to conceal the angry migrants and think of ways to make this situation better, and face the challenge to feed many mouths of children, men, and women.

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The border