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True Conspiracies

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Conspiracies are all fun and games until they turn out to be true. Especially when they consist of things like death, mind control, and the government; in fact, the following conspiracies turned out to be true. Some of these conspiracies are silly, and some of them are unsettling. What else are they for?


Dead Baby Project:

Like most conspiracies, this one includes the government. People believed that the government was stealing dead bodies so that they could perform radioactive testing. To me this isn’t very shocking, but the truth of this conspiracy is that the government did steal parts of dead bodies. In order to do their testing, they needed young tissue so they had to use recently deceased young children- even babies.


John Lennon:

Good ole John Lennon was a true U.S. threat, according to the FBI at least. A lot of people thought that the FBI was spying on him and it’s true. The FBI considered his song “Give Peace a Chance” an anti-war threat. A NPR reporter said “in 1971, the FBI put Lennon under surveillance, and the Immigration and Naturalization Service tried to deport him a year later.”  



For a while a lot of people believed that big tobacco companies tried to hide any evidence that smoking can lead to death. This is actually true. Research in the 1950s showed that there was a link between smoking and lung cancer, but it took 40 years for Philip Morris, who was the largest cigarette maker at time, to even say that smoking could lead to cancer. Not that it makes any difference because people seem to ignore this warning.



In the 1960s a conspiracy went around about the Canadian government. People believed that they were super paranoid about homosexuality and wanted to do something about it by developing a gaydar machine. Of course, this really did happen. They hired a university professor in hopes that he could create something that could detect homosexuality in federal employees. This professor ended up creating a machine that could measure pupil dilation when same-sex-erotic imagery was shown. In using this device, their government excluded and fired over 400 men from the military, civil service, and the Mounties. Canada doesn’t sound so great anymore.


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True Conspiracies