Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review

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   On Friday, November 2nd, a movie about one of the most famous 80s bands came to theaters all around. The movie, named after the bands’ most famous and well-known song, Bohemian Rhapsody, was introduced to the world. This movie captured every detail of Queen’s from the beginning all the way to the end.


   I was lucky enough to go see it with a few friends of mine. We were all extremely excited to see the movie. I love Queen’s music, but after watching this movie, I have an even greater love for the band.


   Obviously, the movie was mainly based on Freddie Mercury, the band’s lead singer, but it wasn’t all about him. It focused on the other members enough to get every good and bad thing that happened in the band’s time together.


   Freddie Mercury was incredibly portrayed by Rami Malek, who studied every tick and attitude and characteristic and acted them out in the movie.  Ben Hardy played the part of Roger Taylor, the drummer and one of the bands first members. The guitarist, John Deacon, was played by Joseph Mazzello. He was probably the actor that looked most alike with his character. Next was Gwilym Lee, who also looked like his character, Brian May.


   After fact checking, I have sadly discovered that one of the characters in the movie was not actually real and was only created for drama. I also learned that the band never split up before their famous Live Aid performance and that they were all tired of touring for a straight decade and decided to take a break.


   Even though this part of the movie was false, the rest of the movie was factually correct. The soundtrack was produced by Brian May and Roger Taylor. The movie featured “live performances, new versions of hits, and some of the studio recordings of the original songs.”


   The movie was created in memory of and celebration of Freddie Mercury and Queen. The memory of how they pushed the boundaries and created new standards for not only music, but a way life. This movie was a 12/10 for me, and I definitely recommend anyone to go see it even if they don’t like Queen’s music.

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