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Best Costumes of 2018

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Costumes in 2018 continue to get more and more scary and realistic, while also being more funny, than they have been in previous years. This year, the professional sports platform has taken us by storm with new and creative costumes.

Klay Thompson dressed up as Will Ferrell from the movie Tropic Thunder and it was quite the scene.

JuJu Smith-Schuster, a Pittsburgh Steeler Wide Receiver, dressed up in full game day uniform and went trick-or-treating.


Lebron James, small foward for the Los Angeles Lakers, dressed up as Jason from Friday The 13th, and he did an excellent job of keeping character all day.


Victor Oladipo, Indiana Pacers point guard, dressed up as The Black Panther for Halloween.


DeAndre Hopkins had the hands down best costume of 2018. His costume was accurate and impressive. He dressed up as Jake from the movie Avatar and it was easily my favorite.


Moe Harkless from the Portland Trail Blazers definitely had one of the better costumes this year dressing up as Tyrone Biggums.


As this years Halloween comes to an end so do the creative costumes. My favorite costume this year was DeAndre Hopkins dressed as Avatar, but a close runner up was Victor Oladipo dressed as The Black Panther. My least favorite costume this year was Juju Smith Schuster dressed up in his game day uniform, it was very creative, or funny, so therefore it was my least favorite.


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Best Costumes of 2018