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Red Dead Redemption 2 is out!!!

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On Friday, October 26th, Red Dead Redemption 2 hit the shelves of stores everywhere. The long anticipated game has finally been released and people all around have been buzzing about it. I have not played it myself, nor will I be plan to  due to the fact that the basic edition cost is $60 plus tax.I won’t be getting any big amount of money anytime soon, so I’ve only been able to hear things about it. Like on instagram, with game play or memes, and on Youtube where I’ve been getting most of my knowledge about the game because I’ve spent the last 3 days of my life soley just watching videos of the main story line.

One thing that I’ve seen and heard was that the game has 100 gigabytes. Which is horrendous because if you are like me you live in the good ole country, which isn’t really known for its super fast WiFi speeds. When i was downloading COD Black Ops 4 back in the day, that game was around 70 gigabytes and it would take over a day for it to completely download, so Red Dead Redemption 2 being 100 gigabytes would more than likely take a day and a half. That’s one problem with how big the game is, another is that the 100 gigabytes will take 1/5th of your Xbox’s storage, if you have a basic version of the Xbox which only has 500 gigabytes; meaning that you’re going to have to delete a crap ton of games just to start downloading.

However with it being so big, it does also bring pros not just cons. With it being so big, it means that the game is going to look fantastic. Even better if its on an Xbox One X, which is capable of playing 4k playback. But it also means that the game is an open world map which means there is endless ways to play the game and make it not boring at all. The game has endless capabilities, you can go and get drunk off whisky, have someone get run over by a train, or you can just chill on your horse and ride round the map. Oh also you can rob banks!!! The game is rated R however, so is high schoolers can’t just go and buy the game from any store, they are going to need an older friend or a sibling or parent to get it.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is out!!!