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The Danger of Ignorance

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Recently in one of my classes there was a discussion held- briefly, yet longer than needed- about the plus sized and diverse Barbie dolls. The discussion took a nosedive. Immediately. When the topic was announced, one student said that letting a doll alter your view of your own body was, and I quote, “stupid.” Several other students blindly agreed. As somebody with difficulties with self image, I find it concerning that anybody exempt of that case can dismiss it so easily, and in such a derogatory tone. This is one example of many instances in which the crowd becomes sheep. Should they have no empathy for the children, who are extremely susceptible to the images and ideals in the world around them? Because someone nearby said not to? Ignorance is a dangerous thing, and because it’s so easy to adopt, we have an alarming number of people talking without any idea of what they’re saying.


Worse, the majority of America watches either only FOX News or only CNN News- both of which focus on slandering the opposing political party rather than discussing the severity and possible solutions to the issues that are in their headlines. After watching the daily rant about Trump being a misogynist, or Hillary being a criminal- a rant that somehow is drawn from the story of a school shooting or sexual assault- this majority of America takes that nationally broadcast opinion with them to work, to the dinner table, to car rides with their children, and they spread hate for the brainless liberals, or for the heartless conservatives.


What scares me the most is how common it is in the people around me. I see it in my dad, who will look at a person and call them a freak and say to me that they deserve to be hated without any knowledge of who that person is. I see it in my mother, whose news comes from one source- the wealthy and highly privileged- and whose ignorance transcends her tremendous compassion. I see it in a number of men, who refuse to believe that a woman should be afraid in a place as mundane as a late night Walmart parking lot.


There is a way, however, to combat this epidemic: research. Learn from all possible sides of each case presented to you, and pay special attention to those who are hurt by it. Scoffing and calling those people stupid in a blatant disregard for their well being so long as it never personally affects you is despicable.

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The Danger of Ignorance