Top 10 Scary Movies

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   With Halloween being next week I have decided to create a list of the highest rated scary movies! Most of these may seem old, but have been on the charts for quite a while, so they have to be good.

  1. “It Follows”, directed by David Mitchell, is about an unseen threat that can appear as anyone, and it never stops moving. This means the one threatened can’t stop moving either.

       2.  The first “Paranormal Activity” is still rated as the best out of all the sequels. The many, many sequels after  started going down hill just because they were so overdone.

       3. “The Babadook” attaches to a family-in-crisis and gives a nightmarish feeling throughout the entire movie.

       4. “The Witch” takes place in the 17th century and includes witch hunting and a horrifying family.

            I’m starting to see a pattern with all of these “families” that are in really bad situations.

       5. “Insidious” is one of the most well known horror movies. This one takes a twist on the whole “ghost haunting”  concept. It takes it into another world almost.

       6.  “The Conjuring” is another classic that is supposedly based on a true story and was directed by James Wan, who also directed “Insidious.”

        7. “The Last Exorcism” is a documentary type movie, based on a corrupt minister who agreed to be outed.

        8. “You’re Next” is the typical house invasion with all of the lights out so that the family inside won’t know anyone else is in the house.

        9. “Drag Me to Hell” is about a woman who refused to help another woman in debt and is then cursed because of this “unfair deed.”

        10. “The House of the Devil” is about a babysitter who doesn’t have a child to babysit. There’s just a creepy house in the middle of the woods.

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