Boston’s Booming Success

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Couper Allen

Journalism 2018

Boston’s Booming Success


The Boston Red Sox clinched the 2018 World Series Sunday night after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-1 in the best-of-seven series. It’s their fourth World Series title in 15 years and ninth overall. What might be even more interesting than Boston’s World Series win however, would be the fact that since the addition of the 162-game schedule, the Boston Red Sox have never won 100 games. Of course many franchises have failed to achieve that mark; it’s interesting in Boston’s case because the Red Sox have long been one of the most successful teams in the majors.
Boston fans have waited a long time to witness success like they’ve been having. Boston’s most famous act of bad management decisions lead to the year of 1919 when the Sox gave up one of baseball’s greatest players, Babe Ruth. This act has since been known as the worst sports trade in history and affected the Red Sox for many many years. This trade sent Boston head first into an almost 80 year dry spell from the World Series until they won it in 2004. This trade today is known as the curse of the Bambino. This leaves us with the question, Will Boston keep having success, or will they be coming up on another dry spell?

Boston looks to be in good shape for the upcoming season and most likely many seasons to come. They are a young and successful team including players like Mookie Betts who had a World Series batting average of .346. With the income Boston has brought in, they will be able to purchase just about anyone they need. However, I believe this success will be short lived. Because of the young team that Boston has acquired, I believe their focus is on the win-lose ratio rather than keeping their eye out for new opportunities through other young players. The Red Sox will most likely have another successful decade coming up but a short lived one for sure.

My prediction? I predict that the Red Sox in close to eight years will witness a steady decline of success and will begin to leave its peak. Teams like the Yankees with young teams as well I believe will take over in the end and Boston will be left with yet another dry spell.



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