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Weird Theories

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There are so many theories to write about, yet a lot of them aren’t very good. Luckily, I’ve found some more interesting ones, and this time they aren’t about movies or T.V. shows. These theories are about the past, but not anything that deals with prophecies, such as when the world will end or about where we come from like the theory that states that we live on the back of a turtle. That’s for another time.

Zoo Theory:

Do you remember the Truman Show starring Jim Carrey? Well, this theory is sort of like that in the way that we are all being watched by some other being such as aliens. Instead, it’s more like a big zoo, except we aren’t really kept in cages; we just have a hard time exploring other places, which, in a way, we are sort of trapped. Anyways, these other beings refuse to make contact with us until we reach a certain stage, whether that stage be ethical, political, or technological. So, until then, they are just watching our every move and judging us while exhaustingly waiting for us to advance.

Matrix Theory:

Everyone has most likely heard or even thought about this theory. Have you ever played Sims or watched someone else play? Well, that could be us right now. Not watching it, but literally being the people inside the game. There are other beings, just like the last theory, who are watching over us and possibly even controlling us, but it’s a stretch. Of course we’ll never really know because we’re controlled by a computer system…at least that’s what we think it could be. How would we know for sure, though? Anything we know could be the complete opposite of what we think we know. I don’t believe it, however.

Expanding Theory:

The famous Charles Darwin was the first recorded person to ever come up with this theory, so it must be somewhat true, right? Anyways, this theory states that the Earth is constantly expanding. As we all know, the continents started out as one big place until it decided to split up. Instead of tectonic plates being at fault here, it instead can be blamed on the Earth growing. And guess what, the Earth is still expanding. Thanks, Darwin.

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Weird Theories