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School Dress Code

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   School is back in session and everything was going good all the way up until the annual class meeting. The meeting is supposed to inform us on how to be the best students and people that we can. They also go over the school rules and the consequences that we will receive if we break those said rules.


   Now the dress code has been a huge problem since middle school. The girls can’t show their shoulders and can’t wear shorts that end above their fingertips. Which is completely unfair because everyone is a different height. For example, a friend of mine is about 5’1 and she can wear all of her shorts. This is because her arms are shorter.


   Whereas I am 5’7 and my arms are so long that I can’t wear any of my shorts, not even my athletic shorts. This is only the second week in and I have already seen girls breaking dress code but they aren’t getting in trouble because their shorts are not inappropriate.


   The consequences to breaking the dress code go in this order: the first offense is a warning and you either have to roll down your shorts, cover your shoulders, or change clothes, the second offense is that you have an unexcused absence which can not be taken off so you are forced to take all of your semester tests, and lastly the third offense is getting sent to ISS.


   Another showcase of how this dress code is going too far is that a girl yesterday was wearing a sweatshirt. Nothing on it was inappropriate and everything was covered, but she still got a warning. A teacher could see the top of her sports bra just barely above the neck line in the back of her sweater. She was told that she needed to cover it up and to not wear that sweatshirt again.


   How insane do people have to be to get on to a girl for something that she can’t control. Us girls have to wear something under our shirts and a sports bra shouldn’t be a concern for teachers or other students. If it is then I think we need to work with those people on what is “distracting” or not.


   Also, the dress code has a stricter discipline than if someone was caught with tobacco or another form of tobacco. All they do is take it and throw it away! I’m not just saying this either the following quote is from our handbook in section 4.23 “Administration will properly dispose of any items mentioned above.” In the class meeting one of the leaders of our school was “trying” to appeal to the people by saying “ That’s five bucks that you can’t get back.” I pay twenty dollars for a shirt and you are trying to tell me that I can’t wear it because my shoulders are showing?


   Before school even started they had posted a picture showing us the “proper” way to dress but even the pictures were technically breaking the dress code just take a look at the jeans with the smiley faces. The girls in the first and third picture have holes above their hands but the face says that it is okay.   We need to change the dress code to where if the tank top we are wearing is just completely inappropriate then we should be dress coded. If our shorts cover our behind and are not showing anything then we are fine, and if our jeans have holes that are showing our undergarments then we should have to change. If the holes don’t show anything then we shouldn’t have to cover them up. It’s as simple as that and it would be a lot more fair and effective than what we have now.

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School Dress Code