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Starbucks Riot

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   This past Tuesday two men were escorted out of a Starbucks in Philadelphia. The men had come in and asked to use the restroom, but were not going to buy anything. This is against the company policy so they were politely denied the use of the bathroom.


   Legally, any company is allowed to ask a customer to leave or to deny them the use of their bathroom if they are not buying or going to buy a product. The Starbucks employee asked them three times to leave the restaurant, but they refused saying that they were meeting someone.


   Still this is against their policy so the employee called the police and asked them to come and take the two men out of the building. As they were being taken out in handcuffs the other man that they had allegedly said they were meeting, actually showed up.


   Now everybody is making a riot because the men were both black.Whether this was from the start based on the men’s color we don’t know. But it’s important to view both sides. The two views are that they were not obeying the company’s policy. Another is that the Starbucks employee is racist and just didn’t want them in the restroom.


   There have been some people who have come out saying that they have done this and used the restaurant and have never been asked to leave and that they are white. Now we don’t know if the employee is racist, but it is safe to say that they were just following the Starbucks policy.


   The police chief of Philadelphia has shared a video saying that his men did the right thing. The policemen responded to a call saying that two men would not leave the building so they went to escort them out. It is an officer’s job to respond to a call. They did their job.


   The Starbucks CEO also flew out to Philadelphia this Monday to apologize to the men. The business also plans on closing over eight thousand Starbucks shops over the next month. This month employees will be put in a “racial-bias education”. The training is scheduled for May 29th. So don’t plan on getting coffee at all that day.

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Starbucks Riot