Victoria and Abdul

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Last night, while my siblings were filing their taxes, I watched Victoria and Abdul. My sister-in-law redboxed it, and she was really pumped about it. This movie was a sweet one. It’s about the unexpected (and real) friendship between Queen Victoria of England and a lowly servant from India, Abdul Karim.

This movie is based on a true story that was kept hidden from the world for over ninety years. Researchers discovered that Abdul went to England when they found his journals in 2010 long after he had died. Queen Victoria’s family thought that her relationship with Abdul (because he was pretty hot-and he was an Indian) was too scandalous, so they “scrubbed” it from history.

It’s a tearjerker, just gonna say that. The relationship formed between Abdul and the queen is so sweet! I won’t tell you any more than that, though. I don’t want to spoil anything.

If you love movies like Pride and Prejudice or watch the show Victoria, you will most definitely enjoy this beauty. I loved this movie. There were some bad words in it, but that’s expected from the British. Am I right?

This picture was an eyeopener about Indian tradition and our ignorance of it as Americans and Englishmen. Whenever we see something one way, we always form an opinion immediately. The subject’s point of view is never considered, and he/she is often “exiled” in some way or another.

Victoria refused to see Abdul’s traditions as absurd or barbaric. Instead, she asked him questions about everything; she wanted to know more about India from an Indian native. She didn’t take any crap from her advisors, not even her own son. All of Victoria’s servants and subjects were furious when she chose to get closer to Abdul, but she stayed true to her friend. It was more of a son and mother relationship, though. It was SO sweet.

I loved watching their relationship grow from curiosity to familial love. It was nice to see bits of Indian culture, too. When you watch this movie, you learn a bit of Indian and British history and how the two countries/cultures have mixed and clashed at the same time. Victoria and Abdul had the kind of pure relationship that doesn’t exist anymore. Victoria loved her Abdul more than her own children, and Abdul loved Victoria “more than [his own] wife.”

This picture has humor, history, love, and war in it all at the same time. Truly enjoyable.

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