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Falling Mirror Kills Two Year Old

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No one could have imagined the fate of this poor little girl on a casual errand to shop for shoes at Payless. The two year old girl was killed by a falling mirror at the payless shoe store in Georgia. Her name was Ifrah Siddique, and she was rushed to a nearby hospital soon after the accident. Unfortunately she passed away do to her injuries.


Her twenty year old cousin, Ifkahar said that Ifrah’s little brother Ali was standing right next to her when the accident occured. It took two people to pick the mirror up and slide the little girl out.


Her cousin said that “Everyone enjoyed having her around” and “Everyone would smile when they saw her”. Her twenty year old cousin was not present at the store when the incident occurred, but was told by the fire department about the mirror.


The mirror was roughly six feet in size. Ifkhar also mentioned that “They are actually pretty heavy” (the mirrors). Ifkhar continued saying that the family is trying to come to terms with what happened and that they are trying to go ahead and bury her.


I can only imagine the pain the family must be going through with this tragedy. It really proves to show that you can never be too careful with your children even while shopping at a local shoe store.Hopefully there will be a new “mirror safety” policy at payless to reasure that this will never happen again.



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Falling Mirror Kills Two Year Old