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Italy Elections

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As Italy’s national election day ends it has clear winners and clear losers, however there is not a clear outcome after a divisive campaign was released which has been dominated by anti-immigrant and promises that will be hard to keep. At the exit poll party in central Rome just before midnight disbelief and enthusiasm bursts through the room. As the Five Star Movement party was at the top of the poll and looked to have claimed two-thirds of the vote, the largest out of all of the parties. Some 14 percentage points more than anyone else.

The Five Star Movement (M5S) has captured the hearts of young voters, but it is still far away from winning power in Italy. The Five Star Movement is unlikely to start a coalition since their campaign was over independence and transparency. Luigi di Maio is the young leader of the anti-establishment party. Luigi di Maio did not speak publicly on Sunday but he was captured by photographers throughout the party. Di Maio is just 31, he has campaigned along the line of  hope and fear stating in a blog post right before the vote he stated, “They look at us because we are the future of the country, but they still do not trust us completely.”

Matteo Salvini, 44, is the leader of the populist party. Right before the party he had tweeted, “grazie” to his voters as he watched the party climb to the second highest in early exit polls. On Monday the league had around 17.5% of the votes. There are  uncounted ballots to be added to the polls. The party had gone into the election as a junior partner with Berlusconi’s party. As the votes were being counted it looked as if Salvini would be in the lead and Berlusconi’s party only had 14% of the votes, according to the Interior Ministry. Salvini had reinvented himself in the election campaigning. Having introduced “Italian Only” segregated buses, he has now been leaning his party toward a more centrists approach.

Berlusconi, once the prime minister had told the voters that the only reason that he was at the bottom of the poll was because he was not an actual candidate. That he was not allowed to run for any office having been banned until 2019 due to tax fraud. He had hoped to guide Antonio Tajani as prime minister to lead the center-right coalition until next year. However Salvini had told reported that he plans to lead the center-right coalition. “Millions of Italians asked us to lead them out of uncertainty. We will lead them. I see this as a vote for the future, not the past.”

Now the only thing the italian voters can do is wait for the votes to be counted. After the votes are certified, italian President Sergio Mattarella will meet with winners negotiating about what is to be expected from the party. La Stampa Iacoboni had stated, “In any case, it will be very tough to avoid a populist, more or less eurosceptic, and more or less anti-migrant leader.” Many italians have agreed to this statement. Change is the only certainty needed for Italy as of right now.  

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Italy Elections