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Jordan Peele

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The dominant mind behind the Comedy Central entertainment “Key and Peele,” an actor, director, and writer, Jordan is seen for his ardent humor. But in 2017, we were introduced to said ardensity channeled into the thought provoking horror film, “Get Out.” The movie encapsulated tensions and uncomfortable notions of Rose’s (Allison Williams) parents in adjustment to her interracial relationship with Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), and soon their planned meet-the-parents weekend took a nose-dive.


“Get Out,” scoring a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, was nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Director at the Oscars, but ultimately received Best Original Screenplay.


After “Get Out” did so well, Peele intends to create more “social thrillers” to comment on other societal issues. The release date for a new movie lies tentatively in 2019, and allegedly, Peele is considering a sequel to “Get Out,” as long as he feels that it tops the original. He values his original work over other projects- he told Blumhouse.com that The real question for me is: Do I want to do pre-existing material, or do I want to do original content? At the end of the day, I want to do original stuff.”


Born from a white woman named Lucinda Williams, Peele was left by his black father at 6 years old. He admits that growing up biracial, he felt a bit of an outsider- especially when bubbling the “Other” selection of race while taking standardized tests. His childhood is the inspiration for his work, as every piece relates to social issues that he had grown up with. He comments on racism, sexism, police violence, homophobia, and stereotypes- and all in good humor. If his audience is busy laughing, there’s no room for them to feel offended by his content.


Peele also works as a voice actor, and has made appearances in popular tv shows like Bob’s Burgers, Big Mouth, and Rick and Morty.


And, to name yet another of his performing talents, Peele went to school with the intentions of becoming a puppeteer. We do see this skill exercised occasionally in his Comedy Central sketches “Key and Peele.”

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Jordan Peele