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Man Abducted and Burned in Car

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Early in the morning in Philadelphia, a man was bound, drenched in gasoline and then set on fire by a vicious three attackers.


Philadelphia Police claim that the man, 34, was kidnapped while leaving his job helping children with special needs Sunday night at Benner Street and Harbison Avenue in Wissinoming.


The assailants, having bound their victim’s hands, drove his 2006 Pontiac around town calling his family and asking for a ransom of $10,000. Neighbors heard his cries for help around 5:45 am Monday morning and they called the police.


Eye witnesses and neighbors were horrified, one, Donna Brown, claiming that she was “devastated just knowing that someone was on fire and there was nothing that anybody could do about it.” Carla Dessouse, a woman who had been in contact with the victim, told police that “he said they kidnapped him and they were trying to kill him.”


The man was able to tell investigators that his abductors were three armed men in a blacked out Audi.

The man was taken to the hospital and said to be in critical condition with burns on his legs and down his sides.


Police classified this as a case of robbery and abduction, and the investigation continues. This man was helpless and blind, bound and left to die, and although his story has been written and will forever live online, everyone but his family will move on with their lives, blind and helpless like him.


As a young girl, I have to be on alert in every parking lot I walk through. As does my sister, and my friends as well. Ignorance to this problem will leave another person stuck in a burning car, or captured and sold into sex trade or worse.

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Man Abducted and Burned in Car