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Canadian Surfing

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Wind whizzes by in your ears and brings tears to your eyes. The one thing inbetween you and a huge mountain is a thin board, attached to your feet by straps and clips. Without it, you’d lose your balance and tumble fatally down the slopes. And when grit and hard work overcome weakness and fear, this thin board is capable of creating legends out of ordinary people.

As you may know, the Pyeongchang (everyone is freaking out about the pronunciation and anchors are still saying it wrong- “it’s Peeeeeyyyooonnnggg chahhhhng,”-WHATEVER I DON’T CARE) Winter Olympics have been going on for a week now. So many things have happened, and so many new athletes have debuted this year. Chloe Kim is one of the new Olympians that 

has sparked the world’s interest. She’s only seventeen, yet she’s already won a gold medal in an Olympic Championship! That really makes me want to rethink my life…

Chloe was born in Long Beach, California to Kim Jong Jin and Kim Boran Yun. Her parents are both South

 Korean, and Chloe is Korean American. She’s been snowboarding since she was four and started competing when she was six. When she was eight, she started training in SWITZERLAND until she returned to California two years later. She’s part of the team of American snowboarders who attack the pipes each year. In a matter of days, she’s become one of the most talked about athletes in the Olympics. Now, she’s up in the Shaun White leagues. Garsh…

In fact, Chloe Kim was the second person ever to score a perfect 100.0 at the Winter X Games. The first person to do that was our beautiful Shaun White. She’s walking in Shaun’s snow-covered footsteps, and she’s rockin’ it.

She was so excited to go to South Korea for these Olympics since she has family there and it’s her parents’ home country. “It means a lot just being able to do it where my family is from” is what she told the press when asked about how she felt about being in Pyeongchang.

Not only is she a great snowboarder, she’s also a great person. If you haven’t watched any interviews with her you should!  She told reporters that to celebrate after winning gold, she wants to lay in her pajamas for several days and eat potato chips. Sounds like my kinda party. Then when she was asked what she’d do later she said, “I will try to go to prom [go] find me a boy.”  Well, she is just a teenager!!

Apparently she’s fluent in Korean, French, AND English. Just wanted to throw that out there. I think we’d be really good friends.


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Canadian Surfing