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Chaos on the Stage

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   Dance, it’s a beautiful thing. Us dancers can tell an entire story with our body. The stage is our canvas and the music is our inspiration. At least that is what dance should be. Well at the studio that I go to, none of that is happening.


   My teacher is not as organized as I would like her to be and this is causing a lot of confusion and anger with the dancers and their parents. This weekend is our recital. Yay! I should be excited but I’m just really really worried about everything that is going on.


   First of all, we don’t know what our hair is supposed to be, and we don’t know how our makeup is going to be done. My teacher just changed all of our dances so that we can dance with the Jr. competition team.


   This dance is called Helium. It is for the Sr. competition team, which I am on. We don’t have enough room for these extra girls and none of us know what is going on. My teacher also forgot to order the costumes for the Jr. girls so now we have to wear all black.


   What is the point in that? The Sr. team should wear our costumes and the Jr. team members shouldn’t even be in this dance. It’s not because they are bad dancers, it’s just not their dance. Also the Sr. team members shouldn’t be dancing with the Jr. team in their dance.


   It’s not just the seniors and juniors. My teacher added in the little girls who are about 5 and up. It is total chaos! She has also changed the ending of this dance to freestyle which looks horrible. The little kids are just running around basically and us older girls are standing there awkwardly because we don’t know what to do and we don’t like doing freestyle.


   Another thing that is unfair and pointless, is the fact that no one is allowed to do any solos, duos, or trios, except the older girls. I am the fourth oldest girl in the entire studio and I am not allowed to do my solo or my duet. The only dance I would possibly be able to do other than the group dances is a duet with my sister, but that’s not even finished.


   So this week has been awful and stressful, for so many reasons  and the cherry on top is that it is too early in the season to be having a recital. Our competition season ends in June, so naturally other studios have their recitals in about May or April. The point of a recital is to wrap up the end of the dance season and to show our parents and families what we have been doing.


   Well we just started a new dance and we don’t fully know our current dances. We don’t have a lot of good and pretty dances to show our families. My teacher is setting us up for failure, so wish me luck or to break my leg like they say in show biz! But seriously I don’t want to do this recital; I will die from embarrassment.

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Chaos on the Stage