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Parents of Transgender Teen Want Custody to Stop Hormone Treatments

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An Ohio court will decide the outcome of transgender teen who is in what the judge says is, “a gut-wrenching situation.” The teen identifies as a male and since he’s still a minor, the 17-year-old transgender teen can’t be named nor his family. The teen’s parents want custody to stop all hormone treatment that the boy’s medical team recommends. According to CNN, “medical experts testified that the father’s ongoing refusal to call the teen by his chosen name and the parent’s ejection of the teen’s gender identity have triggered suicidal feelings.”

The teen was hospitalized in 2016. Court records say that he has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and gender dysmorphia. The teen is now in custody of Hamilton County Job and Family Services and lives with his grandparents. He stated that he would like to stay with them because they support his gender identity. According to CNN, “ The teen’s court-appointed guardian believes that the grandparents, not the parents, should have custody because they are best suited to help the child.”

CNN also stated that, “The medical team from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, where the teen had been in treatment, testified that the teen is improving mentally and emotionally through therapy and because his grandparents have created a supportive environment. However, they believe the teen should start treatment as soon as possible to decrease his suicide risk.”  The grandparents said that they are prepared to make medical decisions with the child, which may include hormone therapy. The parents still have not commented to CNN’s request for interview.

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Parents of Transgender Teen Want Custody to Stop Hormone Treatments