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Teenager Gets 40 Years in Mental Hospital

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Slender Man, a game created by Eric Knudsen, is a fictional character that appears to be a tall man with a tuxedo, a white imageless face, and you guessed it, slender.

This made up internet meme character was enough to influence a teenager to nearly fatally stab a 12-year-old girl in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 2014 because she believed that by killing Payton Leutner, she would become a “proxy”, or a representative and servant for Slender Man. A sixth-grader at the time, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier lured Payton Leutner into the woods nearby Horning Middle School and stabbed her a total of 19 times with a kitchen knife while Weier urged her on.

Left with 19 stab wounds, Payton Leutner managed to crawl out of the woods and found an adult that had been strolling by on his bike. It took Payton several months to recover from her injuries and according to her doctor, “one of the stab wounds had come within a millimeter of an artery whose breach would have killed her”.

Not only have the decisions of Morgan Geyser affected Payton Leutner, they have also affected her mother who stated that she would “struggle with the events” for the rest of her life as it has inflicted both physical and emotional marks.

Crying while giving her speech, Geyser apologized to both Payton and her family and said that she “hope(s) she’s doing well”.

Geyser plead guilty to attempted first-degree intentional homicde and was sentenced 40 years into a mental hospital, the maximum punishment, following the trial as her lawyers had predicted. One claimed that “under Wisconsin law, commitments… can be terminated”, meaning that if the patient complies with the faculty and properly passes each evaluation, they can be released earlier than their sentence requires. Weier, Geyser’s accomplice, was committed to 25 years in a psychiatric institution as she pleaded guilty for second-degree attempted intentional homicide but stated that she was mentally ill at the time the attack occured, therefore not being responsible for her actions.

This case has caused many people to speculate the creation of Slender Man. However, the character is still popular amongst the games he is involved in, including Minecraft where the idea of his figure was used for the Enderman.

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Teenager Gets 40 Years in Mental Hospital