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Officer honored at the Union Address

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Officer Ryan Holets had seen a mother shooting up heroin while she was pregnant. He stopped her, and, instead of taking her to jail, offered to adopt the baby. Holets had told his wife about the baby and she said yes right away. The New Mexico officer had been praised during the State of the Union Address. Recognized by President Donald Trump, Trump stated  that Holets and his wife Rebecca are what “embody the goodness of our nation.” Holets was one of the fifteen special guests invited by Melania Trump. During Trump’s address, he talks about how to decrease this ongoing epidemic.

On September 23, Officer Holets responded to a possible theft in a convenience store which turned out to be a false alarm. As he left the scene, his eyes spotted a homeless couple that seemed to be injecting themselves with an unknown drug. He approached the couple and than realized that the woman was pregnant. The woman was eight months pregnant at the time. “I was heartbroken and stunned,” Holets had stated. On the body camera you could hear Holets saying to the woman, “Why do you have to be doing that stuff? It’s going to ruin your baby. You’re going to kill your baby.” The woman who had been identified as Crystal Champ, 35, had broken down into tears as he said those words. Crystal meth and Heroin had taken complete control over her life at the time. Holets then stated that he heard a voice in his head to adopt the unborn baby. He pulled out a picture of his family which included his wife and four children and showed it to Champ. Crystal Champ and the baby’s father, Tom Key decided to let the Holets adopt the unborn baby. The baby was born and named Hope.

This story didn’t end there however. After the story aired, rehabilitation centers reached out to help Tom and Crystal out of their addiction. An interventionist showed up to the couple along with their rehab team and took them to the airport. Their addiction was so strong that they had refused to get on the flight. A week later the couple had left Albuquerque and checked into the Mending Forces rehabilitation center in Florida. The Holets are standing behind Hopes biological parents as the road that they are on will be long and uncertain. They have vowed to support the couple every step of the way.   

In 2016 alone 64,000 Americans had died from drug overdoses. Opioid abuse remains one of the highest domestic priorities. This crisis is affecting a child every 25 minutes in the United States. Each baby that is born and is addicted to opiod addictions causing the baby to suffer opioid withdrawal.  The babies also face developmental issues. The American Society of Addiction Medicine reported that 586,000 Americans aged 12 and older are addicted to substance use disorder involving heroin.  Heroin abuse has increased in the United States over the past years.

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Officer honored at the Union Address