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Here we are again, amazed by the amount of people listening to the same song, on the same app. So I’m #backatitagain telling you great people the countdown. That joke is pretty old though, just like some of these songs are getting. If you don’t remember the songs, starting with 10 down to 1, from last time they were: Dusk till Dawn, Let you Down, Wolves, Gucci Gang, What Lovers Do, Perfect, Too Good At Goodbyes, New Rules, Havana, Rockstar. Now, some songs have fallen off the top ten list, and some have risen past others.

  1. Wolves – Selena Gomez, Marshmello

This song reminds me of something I would listen to at night looking out over the ocean or walking just along the water’s edge. I’m kind of surprised that it’s not on its way up the list, instead it fell down. Last time it was #8.

  1. Let You Down – NF

This song is still in the same place it was last time I did this countdown. I guess this song just hits home with a lot of people, or maybe they just like the song in general.

  1. Never Be The Same – Camila Cabello

Here we go again with Camila. Her songs are on the rise, yet I find myself not very interested in her music just yet. Don’t get me wrong, Havana is great, but that’s the only song I’ve found myself listening to every once in a while.

  1. Echame La Culpa – Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato

There has been a lot of talk about this song. People love the spanish mix Demi plays in this time, but I guess it’s not as good as Justin’s even though he messed up in person.

  1. River – Eminem, Ed Sheeran

Not too bad Ed, Beyonce now Eminem. This song is pretty good, so if you haven’t given it a listen, try it out. The chorus is pretty catchy.

  1. IDGAF – Dua Lipa

This is Dua’s second song to make it on Spotify 50 global charts. If you remember last, it was New Rules. I personally like this song, but warning..it’s explicit.

  1. Finesse (Remix) – Bruno Mars, Cardi B

Wow everyone loves Cardi B and she is on the rise and collabing with Bruno? Even better. And a remix? Pretty great. Her music? Average.

  1. Havana – Camila Cabello, Young Thug

This was #2 for a little bit, but moved down to #3. Last time this song was steady #2. Now some competition.

  1.  Rockstar – Post Malone, 21 Savage

I kind of thought this song would have dropped a little more than this, but I was obviously wrong. It was #1 last time, but there are bigger and better things now.

  1. God’s Plan – Drake

Lord, what a song. Drake, thank you. This song deserves to be #1 which it is in the US Top 50 as well.  

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