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Zhavia Showdown

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   This last Thursday my new favorite singing competition, The Four, was on and of course I watched it to see who the new competitors were. There were some pretty good singers, but the judges thought otherwise. Up until a new rapper came on the show; his name is Nick Harrison.


   Personally I wasn’t that impressed, but the judges loved him, so he got to challenge Rell Jerv, the standing rapper. I loved Rell’s performance. I thought it was soulful, well as soulful as a rap song can get. He also has a really compelling story that he uses to write his OWN songs that HE performs.


   But sadly the audience voted in favor of Nick, so now he is the standing rapper on the show for this week. The only other challenger was Kendyle Paige. And let me tell you she has a voice. She sang beautifully and was pretty upbeat and competitive but respectful.


   All of the judges loved her, except Meghan Trainor. She did not think she was a great performer or singer. She was completely disrespectful to Kendyle. Eventually, Kendyle decided to challenge Zhavia and successfully won. Zhavia tried but it wasn’t her best performance. At the point that the winner was announced by Fergie, the hostess, Meghan Trainor began to cry.


   It was so biased! She kept saying how she didn’t think that Kendyle Paige should have won and that Zhavia was way better. She was being so rude to Kendyle Paige. Meghan did not take into regard how her words could have affected Kendyle.


   Any viewer could see that Kendyle was hurt by her words, but she stayed strong. After Zhavia left the stage, Meghan had to go back stage so that she could cry fully. I believe that she should have been professional and just accepted Kendyle as a new member.


   All in all, the show was pretty upsetting for some people but interesting for others. I however was angry with two people and happy for one. Even Zhavia was okay, somewhat. As she was doing her farewell interview she said the usual “I’m happy for this opportunity, but I’m not done, this is just the beginning.”


   Then came the waterworks, I felt bad for her but then again this is a competition you will be beat at some point. Also with the season coming to an end they are letting the audience decide which performer they want to come back and compete. I am betting that the top vote will be Zhavia, so she’s right, this is not the end for her.

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Zhavia Showdown