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New YouTube Policy

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As most of you may know, YouTube had a major problem with Logan Paul, a vlogger, uploading a video that was not appropriate for YouTube viewers. In order to prevent future “mishaps” like this, YouTube has promised to “manually review” a significant chunk of their videos.

To clarify this would be actual people reviewing videos instead of algorithms. They will be reviewing videos under the “Google Preferred,” section, a premium program for advertising. The premium program was made to help entice big advertisers to spend more money on their site. It lets the companies buy ads off of the videos.

Logan Paul, the video blogger had millions of fans and was a part of Google Preferred until YouTube punished him for posting a video of a dead body on his channel.

Paul received a lot of criticism for showing a corpse hanging in a tree in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, which is mostly known as a “suicide forest.” Logan Paul was seen laughing in the video about the matter, which was very inappropriate, explaining why he is now out of the program.

YouTube has been facing scrutiny for its reaction to the Paul controversy. Brand advertisers do not want their commercial showing up to these types of videos. Before this controversy happened Google had already planned to add thousands of more video reviewers.

YouTube’s CEO said that their goal was to have “over 10,000” reviewers starting sometime in 2018. Obviously this plan has now been put into effect and YouTube has said it’s “changing Google Preferred so that it not only offers the most popular content, but also the most vetted.”

So I guess with this whole scandal came a safer, more appropriate YouTube. Lets hope YouTube vloggers won’t be as stupid as Logan Paul, and will learn from his mistake. But if not, I’m sure we will ALL hear about it.

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New YouTube Policy