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Korea’s Olympic Union

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   This year in the Winter Olympics, which start on February 9th, North Korea and South Korea will possibly march under a unified flag. They agreed to have a joint women’s ice hockey team. This is one of the highest-level conversations these two countries have had in two years.


   The Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. North Korea plans on sending 140 orchestral musicians, 230 cheerleaders, and 30 taekwondo members for the Olympics, and 150 member delegation for the Paralympics. These members will be sent across the border for the first time in two years.


   On Saturday, the International Olympic Committee will meet to decide whether the agreement will be allowed since North Korea has already missed the registration. They also have to make sure that South Korea can host the delegates without breaking the sanctions outlawing cash transfers to Pyongyang and blacklisting certain senior North officials.


   The South Korean hockey coach, some teammates, and a few conservative newspapers have explained their concern about the union. The hockey coach has said that he does not believe that the team will earn any winning medal if the teams are joined together. It has been said that tens of thousands have been signing petitions online in favor of stopping the fusion of the teams.


   The reasoning of this agreement came in a argument about the heat in the Korean peninsula. The tension was at its highest in decades due to the North Korean nuclear missile tests.


   The most  recent ballistic test on November 28th caused many fears and new sanctions from the UN. These sanctions are targeting travel and petrol shipments. Soon after these tests and new sanction North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un said he was thinking about possibly sending a team to the games. South Korea’s response was kind and open to the idea.


   The idea of the small union has paved the way for reinstating of the hotline between military bases, and a possible discussion about the nuclear issue that is at hand. This agreement could help us all or end us all.

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Korea’s Olympic Union