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Every third Wednesday of each month I go on a field trip called Team Leadership which is a group of juniors from about 6 schools, and we go learn about different types of job fields. Yesterday our theme was “Health and Safety” day. First off, we went to a self-defense class with Master Randy Edwards. He taught us just the basics of what to do. He told us that whenever our adrenaline starts pumping, whether from someone following us or getting in a fight, blood pumps to our arms and our legs to make us stronger and faster. To compensate for this, parts of our brain shut down because the blood from there goes to our arms and legs. The part of our brain that shuts down is the thinking part of our brain. He said that the only way for us to remember the self-defense moves is to make them muscle memory whenever your adrenaline is pumping so you know what to do when your thinking brain turns off. You are supposed to pinch your fingers together and jab at the attacker’s eyes while yelling “EYES, EYES, EYES.” Then you are to try to kick them with your leg, aiming with your shin, that way if they move back you can still hit them with your foot. He also said that when your adrenaline is pumping that you lose the ability to be able to see in your peripheral, so after you take out the first attacker you have to look around you to make sure there aren’t anymore attackers.

After the self defense class, we visited the Women and Infants Center and the Ronald McDonald House at the Washington Regional Medical Center. We got to tour the facility and learn about how they treat the babies there and the convenient-ness of the Ronald McDonald house for the parents of children that are sick and have to stay in the hospital for a long period. Next we went to Ozarks Electric to eat our lunch. Chipotle catered for us, and it was really good!

After lunch we went to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for a Texting/Drinking and Driving Presentation. They talked about the dangers of texting and driving. They said that when you sneeze while driving you can travel up to 300 feet in the time your eyes are closed while going, (I don’t remember the exact speed he said), so fast. They also said that in the time you are looking at your phone to send a text you can travel a full length football field. They let us put on beer goggles and try one of the tests while wearing the goggles. We had to place our left foot on the tape then make 9 heel to toe steps while counting them out loud. When we took 9 steps, we had to do little steps and turn around and do 9 more steps. It was hard to do it with .06 BAC goggles on, but with the .24 BAC (which he said was close to death) I couldn’t even tell where the line was because I saw about 5 different lines. It was crazy to see how much alcohol affects your vision and your balance. I fell off the line a lot of times, and I felt like I was so off balanced that even the slightest breeze would have blown me over.

To finish the day a lady from the Arkansas Children’s Hospital talked about the new hospital they built in Fayetteville and the ways they help. She encouraged us to tell people about the hospital and to help donate money to them. It was a fun day, and I learned a lot through it!

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Teen Leadership